University Parking Enforcement is a full service parking enforcement institution. We provide individualized parking services to meet the ever-changing needs of our growing clientele. We offer professional towing and booting options as parking enforcement options. Our experienced staff is trained to give you direction and possible solutions to your parking problems, but you make the final decision on the rules.

University Parking Enforcement utilizes top of the line, cutting edge towing and booting equipment. Our tow trucks, fleet vehicles, motorcycle recovery trailers, dolly systems, and repossession go-jaks are set up to retrieve and transport vehicles safely and efficiently.

Our patrol property's clients are all eligible for our complimentary on-site services. These services include free lockouts, tire changes and jump-starts.

All of our clients receive complimentary signs and permits to go along with our professional parking enforcement service. These signs and permits will be customized to your individual property's needs and will display your property's name. The parking rules that YOU decide on will be prominently displayed on the signs for appropriate disclosure purposes. All of our signs will reflect the legal requirements set by the city and state code. We provide any and all parking enforcement tools to properly allow us to do our job, at no cost to our clients.

We understand that our company image and customer service skills will reflect on your company. We will work to improve ourselves constantly and maintain a professional company image for everyone we serve. We are proud to maintain employees and services that are dramatically different than that of our competition.

University Parking Enforcement provides State Impound and Accident Recovery service to the Utah County Sheriff's Department, Provo City Police Department, and the Orem City Public Safety. We may be requested 24/7 to assist in an emergency accident situation and will respond within 15 minutes.

Our impound yards are also certified as State Impound Yards and our services are called on by the state to assist with DUI arrests, stolen vehicles acquisition, no registration/no insurance, and abandoned roadside vehicle impounding and storage.

University Parking Enforcement boasts the largest and most efficient impound yard in Utah County. Abandoned vehicle removal is a complimentary service provided to all of our parking enforcement properties. We will also provide abandoned vehicle removal to the general public for a $100 fee (towing, filing, and dismantle fee). This fee may be waived if the vehicle title is surrendered at the time of tow, if the vehicle has ever been registered in Utah, or depending on the condition of the vehicle. We will also provide abandoned vehicle removal to the general public. Click here for more information about our abandoned vehicle removal service.

Contact us for more information on a "non-binding" parking enforcement agreement. By contacting us, you are under no obligation to use our services.

Contact us for more information on our professional asset recovery and skip tracing services.





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